Relationships and Unity (Huron Claus)


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Huron Claus discusses what the Bible says about a person's identity. As a First Nations person, he connects these thoughts to his own people and culture. Huron also explains how to experience true reconciliation and restoration in relationships through Biblical unity and harmony.

FACE TO FACE - copyright info unknown - sung by Allan & June Howse on K498 Tribal Trails

Someday I'm going to leave this world, This world of sin and shame.
I'll sit at the feet of Jesus, Praise His name.
There will be no time to cry, No more sorrow by and by.
When I see Him face to face, Praise His name.

CHORUS: When I see Him face to face, I will praise Him for His grace.
When I meet Him on that day, I'll just have to stop and say:
"Praise You Lord for all Your love, and Your blessings from above,"
When I see Him face to face, Praise His name.

Won't You use me Lord today, Lead some soul who's gone astray,
To Your precious bleeding side, There that they may too abide.
Consecrated Lord to Thee, Help these blinded eyes to see,
There is peace in only Thee, Praise Your name.

When I kneel at your throne, I will never be alone.
Oh how happy I will be Lord You've done so much for me.
Throughout eternity, I will always be with Thee,
When I see Him face to face, Praise His name.

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